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【心碎落城】 作曲:史萬達 填詞:武雄+L.A.BOYZ

 Evertime I Think About You. Think of all the things we do
 Bringing me memories of what you used to say to me.
 What you used to do to me, You gotta drop the bomb on me.
 So soon, why? I don't know, But I treat you so nice.
 Like vodka on ice, But you treat me like meat and slice,
 Twice, You‭ ‬cut my love in half, Tearing me up in half.
 LA. Heart Break
 自從那一天 和你說再會 每一個夜晚 都很難睡
 有想欲寫批 對你講坦白 埋藏在心中 的一句話
 Looking through the crowd of my歌友會, Saw a super fly girl
 reaching up to me, damn, Reached down to shake hear hano,
 Grabbed the wrong one, screamed, at the end of my hano
 Was a homo, on no, bam, then I knew it was over,
 Looking all over for hear, ifelt a had grab my heart as
 It started to part, could it have been,
 Na, it must of been hear 洛城心痛

 從不曾嚐過 失戀的滋味 如今卻遇到 這樣的問題
 世上的女孩 雖然彼呢濟 但是我 愛你一個
 我不想等待 但是又何奈 不知你走去 什麼所在
 茫茫的人海 獨自在徘徊 鬱卒的心情 你可明白
 Here's the story I was at a hype 舞廳
 Steppilg through my smooth fly fly routine
 Hands and feet moving to the beat, then I dio a twirl
 哇塞!A古錐 girl
 When!跳 biggidy 舞,I look higgidy 活潑
 But 真正 I'm so very very higgidy 害羞
 So she left 害我 tiggidy 天天作夢
 好痛!這是我的 LA. 心痛






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